May 18, 2024

Within the wake of the FTX meltdown and crypto value drops, Congress desires to verify Remy makes good monetary choices…identical to them.

Parody of Warren G’s “Regulate” written and carried out by Remy; video produced by Meredith and Austin Bragg


It was a transparent black night time, he was sitting at residence
Taking a look at a JPEG on his trusty iPhone
It was a uncommon NFT of a hipster mouse
So he did what you do, he mortgaged his home

And he put in a bid, he was getting the itch
He could not sit there whereas he noticed these different individuals get wealthy
However then the market crashed! The worth deflated!
This should not be allowed—they need to regulate it!

He noticed a JPEG, it appeared in demand
So he mortgaged his home, spent 400 grand
We have to cross new legal guidelines to stop this destiny
He would not be so dumb if we regulate

It was a cool, crisp day, he was watching the sport
That is when he noticed a industrial with of us of acclaim
Crypto returns that’ll by no means default!
So he thought what you suppose—that sounds too good to be false!

Mortgaged his home, researched the speed
Checked out the CEO, nothing appeared misplaced
However when he checked one morning, the worth was gone
We should always make fraud unlawful, that is all simply improper!

He did his analysis and he studied up
Then purchased invisible tokens this man simply made up
It was a harsh consequence for an sincere mistake
His IQ would not be 5 if we regulate

It was a lukewarm midday, he is on Capitol Hill
Cuz he obtained margin known as and was dealing with a invoice
You do not perceive, I’ve misplaced all that I had
You should cross extra legal guidelines! That is terribly dangerous!

Uh, excuse me—thanks for letting me be a part of
However is not a part of the problem him? There is a new canine coin?
Possibly the underlying tech is one we should not forestall
Possibly in the future it is—Shiba Inu, it is known as

If he hadn’t been allowed to be a HODLer
He would not have the impulse management of a toddler
We may finish human nature with a pen stroke at present
Why do I’ve a sense that they are gonna regulate?

You should not prey on of us with monetary illiteracy
By the way in which, have you ever seen the state lottery?
The Powerball’s $1 billion, you higher not wait
He is gonna make good choices after we regulate